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Friday, August 7, 2009

Food Gadget of the Month: Food Evaporator

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The food gadget of the month for August might make you do a double-take and make you exclaim "What the...?!" It looks like something you'll find in a mad scientist's laboratory or in the International Station - it's the Food Evaporator.

What exactly does it do? When we first saw it, we weren't quite sure either. But apparently, you can turn any food into a syrup and preserve its flavor for later use. While we probably wouldn't be using this to capture Aunt Millie's Thanksgiving turkey, it might be a good idea for savory spices, herbs and some meats whose essences you can use for certain dishes, without changing their texture or color. How about making vanilla-cherry icecream that stays smooth and retains it creamy white color? Or perhaps from chicken soup without the oily grit of chicken meat? This gadget is available your local lab supply shop, but you'll probably find some ingenious hacker hawking it on eBay.



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