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Plan your meals a week, or more, ahead– Simplify your life by knowing what’s for dinner days or weeks ahead, and let us help you balance your family’s nutritional intake.
Organize your recipe collection – You will never lose a favorite, or forget a culinary gem again!
Find new recipes – Search our community recipes, or view the recipe boxes of your friends. You can even search the internet – all from inside DinnerBeat!

Side Dishes

Make new friends – Share tips and techniques, and find kindred spirits!
Share your favorite dishes – Whether you’re cooking to a special diet, or for the pure pleasure of eating well, we make it easy to share tips, techniques, and exciting variations!
Peek into your friends’ recipe boxes – With permission you can look for tantalizing recipes in a friend’s recipe box, maybe even get the inside scoop on a prize-winning family recipe!
Rate the recipes as you use them – Record your preferences and how your family responds; it’s a great way to know what the kids loved and want to see again!


Customize recipes right on the system – We let you adapt and adjust recipes to meet your family’s dietary needs or taste preferences. Never lose a successful experiment again!
Print specific shopping lists – You’ll never have to create your own shopping list. We’ll create a menu-based personal shopping list for you, give you an opportunity to add to it, and print it out when you’re ready to shop!
Let your menu ratings automatically schedule your dinners – Talk about frosting on the cake! With our system, you can really save time by automating the task of creating your menus!
It’s 100% free – At DinnerBeat there are no membership costs and no pricey levels of participation. When you register, you get access to our entire site and all of our features! Free!

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Thanks to DinnerBeat I no longer stress at the end of the work day about what to make for dinner. With just a little effort on my part, my dinners are planned for weeks at a time, my shopping lists are organized, and I can relax knowing that each morning I'll have an email reminder about 'What's For Dinner!'
- Kathy, Nashville, TN

My family is always getting a variety of foods and it makes me happy to know that they are getting all kinds of vitamins! With Dinner Beat I am no longer EVER stuck in a rut! ;o) LOVE LOVE LOVE DINNER BEAT!
- Hollie, Denver, CO

My wife and I had a great dinner with our friends. The next week I asked my wife if she could make the dish we'd eaten at their house. She logged on to DinnerBeat and sure enough, there was the recipe! She added it to her recipe box, and now it's one of our favorites.
- Tim, Cambridge, MA